Cat lovers, you have to get to this store. Stat.

Hikosen slippers

Hikosen Cara isn’t a brand the Shopper Hound had ever heard of until we wandered into the store in Oriental City Rivonia. The best way to describe it? Probably “classy Hello Kitty”. If you’re anything like us, you’ll squeal with delight the moment you discover the children’s backpacks, slippers, purses and blankets when you walk in.

How can you not want this backpack?

Hikosen traveler backpack

Or this soft toy? (We think it’s a dog. We’re not sure.)

Hikosen dog

Or this cushion?

Hikosen cushion

Or these unbelievably cute purses (notice the fish attached to the zips). Squeee!

Hikosen purses

Or this blanket? (We’re sorry about all the pics, but we can’t not show you.)

Hikosen blanket

It’s the kind of stuff you have to have even if you don’t need it. It’s not cheap: even the small backpacks are all over R200 and the bigger blankets are close to R500. But in a way, that’s reassuring. You know you’re getting quality, and something truly unusual.

(And yes, like most of the stores, unfortunately they only take cash.)

To find the store, simply head to Oriental City Rivonia on the corner of Rivonia Boulevard and 9th Avenue. The easiest way to find it is to head to the Pick n Pay, go up the stairs and you’ll see it to your left. It’s the first store to your right as you head into Gifts World.


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