Reasons to do your Christmas shopping at Oriental City Rivonia

As we’ve explained elsewhere, we’ve noticed that Oriental City Rivonia is almost empty on any given day – and that’s amazing when you consider that it’s just before Christmas and everyone’s moaning that Fourways is like one of Dante’s circles of hell.

So there’s your main reason to shop at Oriental City Rivonia (corner Rivonia Boulevard and 9th Avenue, with access on 9th and Wessels Road): it’s quite. Really quiet.


But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. We promised you 5 reasons and here they are:

1. It’s quiet, as we said. No fighting the crowds for parking or, indeed, anything.

2. With 1000 bays, it’s easy to get parking, and it’s relatively cheap: first 90 minutes free, R4 thereafter, R6 after 2 hours.

3. There’s a Pick n Pay and a Post Office. (Hang on – is a post office a selling point? Maybe not.)

4.  You can find unusual things, especially in the gifts section where lots of new stores are opening. We love the Hikosen Cara stall and Lisa’s Emporium has fantastic toys, especially for boys. Not everyone has R80,000 for a working model of the Titanic, but it’s fun to look at.

5. You can stay in Sandton while shopping China-style. No more schlepping to Bruma.


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