Why Oriental City Rivonia?

Open 30 November

The Hound has known the shopping centre formerly known as Rivonia Square for years. The land was originally the site of a Carmelite nunnery and the shopping centre was originally launched as The Cloisters. Back then it had cinemas and a full suite of stores, including a very popular News Cafe that was the place to see and be seen in the 1990s. There are theories that it’s cursed – how else to explain the fact that it has never worked despite the presence of Pick n Pay and, more recently, Planet Fitness?

Sarah is a Planet Fitness member who goes when the guilt gets too much. She has watched the transformation of Rivonia Square into Oriental City Rivonia over the past few months. There are lots of shops in the Bermuda Triangle of retail now… but still nobody’s in them. The shopkeepers all look very bored – and no shopping centre should be this empty over a weekend with Christmas coming up.. That’s how the idea of The Shopper Hound came about. Based on what we’ve seen, Oriental Square Rivonia could do with some help, and since we like shopping and know social media, we thought we’d combine our skills to solve a problem. Management don’t know anything about this, by the way, so there’s nothing official about it. We’re just members of the public who are intrigued by the challenge.

We won’t only look at this particular centre. But in the weeks leading up to the key retail period of the year, this is one that could do with some help.


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