Playing with the iPad Mini

iPad Mini

Yesterday the Hound got his paws on an iPad Mini to play around with for the next few weeks. Don’t you love the cover it came with?

First impressions: it’s lovely and light, and comes in handy when you’re looking for distractions on the treadmill at the gym. Sarah will be taking this to the bush with her (the books are downloading to the Kindle app as she types). The small size and light weight will make reading easier and more comfortable, so this is the one that’s being packed rather than its bigger, older sibling.

Price: from R3.300 for the 16GB wifi only version.



The Hound has Found… Origami in glass

Origami birds in glass

How exquisite is this? The Hound found this at the moonlight market at Bryanston Organic Market last night. Somehow it was easier to miss during the day, but we’re thrilled we found these beautiful glass baubles filled with leaves, seeds, flowers and tiny origami cranes.

The baubles are made by local blowers who transform glass tubes imported from Germany and then filled. The Hound loves truly unique, handcrafted gifts that help create jobs where they’re most needed.

Price: Varies according to size, but the ones you see in the photo are R125 for the plants, R165 for the cranes.

The Hound has found… a new loud multipurpose hat

Loud hat

This is a very useful reversible hat: loud and floral on the one side, minimalist and white on the other. So you effectively get two large floppy hats for the price of one, shield yourself from the sun and reduce the likelihood of needing Botox later in life.

At R150 at the Bryanston Organic Market, it’s a bargain.


The Hound Has Found… Amazing Paper Flowers


Paper flowers

One of the stalls at Bryanston Organic Market sells these delicate examples of paper art, ranging from flowers to cards. Paper flower art

Dag Sumner, who teaches violin at St Barnabas college, says he has to keep his hands busy – hence the paper art, which has kept him occupied for ten years. His Norwegian first name is courtesy of his Norwegian maternal grandmother.

Dag Sumner

Beautiful things at the Bryanston Organic Market

Lunch at organic market

The Bryanston Organic Market just off the Main on Culross Road¬†offers a very different shopping experience from most shopping malls, and this morning the Shopper Hound headed there to have a sniff around. On a lovely day like today, it’s a much more pleasant way to get your Christmas shopping done.

Apart from delicious food (some of it healthy, some of it terrifyingly fattening), there’s lots to see and buy. Here are just a few of the things that caught the Hound’s eye:

Paper flowers Continue reading

Please not the edibility: Engrish in Sandton


Sarah has been a fan of for years, so was thrilled to find this fine example of the art on packaging containing some kind of eraser. What the flashy bit does exactly isn’t clear – disappointingly, it has nothing to do with Men in Black.

Now this is not the kind of flash eraser one could trust the usage of

Discovered in A&A Home in Oriental City Rivonia.