Beautiful things at the Bryanston Organic Market

Lunch at organic market

The Bryanston Organic Market just off the Main on Culross Road offers a very different shopping experience from most shopping malls, and this morning the Shopper Hound headed there to have a sniff around. On a lovely day like today, it’s a much more pleasant way to get your Christmas shopping done.

Apart from delicious food (some of it healthy, some of it terrifyingly fattening), there’s lots to see and buy. Here are just a few of the things that caught the Hound’s eye:

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Please not the edibility: Engrish in Sandton


Sarah has been a fan of for years, so was thrilled to find this fine example of the art on packaging containing some kind of eraser. What the flashy bit does exactly isn’t clear – disappointingly, it has nothing to do with Men in Black.

Now this is not the kind of flash eraser one could trust the usage of

Discovered in A&A Home in Oriental City Rivonia.

Cat lovers, you have to get to this store. Stat.

Hikosen slippers

Hikosen Cara isn’t a brand the Shopper Hound had ever heard of until we wandered into the store in Oriental City Rivonia. The best way to describe it? Probably “classy Hello Kitty”. If you’re anything like us, you’ll squeal with delight the moment you discover the children’s backpacks, slippers, purses and blankets when you walk in.

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