The Hound has Found… Origami in glass

Origami birds in glass

How exquisite is this? The Hound found this at the moonlight market at Bryanston Organic Market last night. Somehow it was easier to miss during the day, but we’re thrilled we found these beautiful glass baubles filled with leaves, seeds, flowers and tiny origami cranes.

The baubles are made by local blowers who transform glass tubes imported from Germany and then filled. The Hound loves truly unique, handcrafted gifts that help create jobs where they’re most needed.

Price: Varies according to size, but the ones you see in the photo are R125 for the plants, R165 for the cranes.


The Hound has found… a new loud multipurpose hat

Loud hat

This is a very useful reversible hat: loud and floral on the one side, minimalist and white on the other. So you effectively get two large floppy hats for the price of one, shield yourself from the sun and reduce the likelihood of needing Botox later in life.

At R150 at the Bryanston Organic Market, it’s a bargain.


The Hound Has Found… Amazing Paper Flowers


Paper flowers

One of the stalls at Bryanston Organic Market sells these delicate examples of paper art, ranging from flowers to cards. Paper flower art

Dag Sumner, who teaches violin at St Barnabas college, says he has to keep his hands busy – hence the paper art, which has kept him occupied for ten years. His Norwegian first name is courtesy of his Norwegian maternal grandmother.

Dag Sumner

The Hound has Found… the Titanic


“You cannot change direction overnight. It’s like the Titanic,” President Jacob Zuma told a group of journalists back in October. One can only assume that this Titanic is a little nimbler. A working radio controlled model over 1m long, it sells for R80,000 at Lisa’s Emporium in Oriental City Rivonia.

The Hound can’t think of a better gift to put under the tree at Nkandla.

The Hound Has Found… Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo

This stall holder told the Hound that Lucky Bamboo is a traditional Chinese gift to bring good fortune to a business. You can find a range of sizes and price points (from R20) at this stall in Gifts World at Oriental City Rivonia. Interestingly enough, Lucky Bamboo isn’t bamboo at all, and it isn’t Chinese either. It’s a member of the Dracaena genus and native to West Africa.

After the tough year that 2012 has been for many, a gift of Lucky Bamboo will send the right message. All you need to do is keep it watered, and it will stay green all year round.

Hound found

Cat lovers, you have to get to this store. Stat.

Hikosen slippers

Hikosen Cara isn’t a brand the Shopper Hound had ever heard of until we wandered into the store in Oriental City Rivonia. The best way to describe it? Probably “classy Hello Kitty”. If you’re anything like us, you’ll squeal with delight the moment you discover the children’s backpacks, slippers, purses and blankets when you walk in.

How can you not want this backpack? Continue reading