Hail Mary (and Ganesha. And lucky cats. And Santa.)

Mary and Ganesh

It’s a major world religion and consumer culture free-for-all at Happy Toys Accessories Shop at Oriental City Rivonia. We’re not sure what the guy with the gun represents – Republicans presumably.

Happy Toys is a veritable Aladdin’s Cave of craziness. It’s like The Crazy Store, only… crazier.


A handbag made with… stingray leather?

Stingray skin handbag

The Shopper Hound spotted this unusual handbag at a stall in Oriental City Rivonia. While the Senegalese traders who run the place offer handbags and wallets made from snakeskin, ostrich and crocodile, this was the first time we’d seen stingray leather. The texture is fine-grained and knobby, almost like couscous. Historically, stingray leather was known as shagreen, and featured in a novel by the great French writer Balzac, which was one of Sarah’s set works at university. So if you buy a product made with shagreen, you’ll have a story to tell about it.

Price: around R1500.