Beautiful things at the Bryanston Organic Market

Lunch at organic market

The Bryanston Organic Market just off the Main on Culross Road offers a very different shopping experience from most shopping malls, and this morning the Shopper Hound headed there to have a sniff around. On a lovely day like today, it’s a much more pleasant way to get your Christmas shopping done.

Apart from delicious food (some of it healthy, some of it terrifyingly fattening), there’s lots to see and buy. Here are just a few of the things that caught the Hound’s eye:

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Reasons to do your Christmas shopping at Oriental City Rivonia

As we’ve explained elsewhere, we’ve noticed that Oriental City Rivonia is almost empty on any given day – and that’s amazing when you consider that it’s just before Christmas and everyone’s moaning that Fourways is like one of Dante’s circles of hell.

So there’s your main reason to shop at Oriental City Rivonia (corner Rivonia Boulevard and 9th Avenue, with access on 9th and Wessels Road): it’s quite. Really quiet.


But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. We promised you 5 reasons and here they are: Continue reading

Why Oriental City Rivonia?

Open 30 November

The Hound has known the shopping centre formerly known as Rivonia Square for years. The land was originally the site of a Carmelite nunnery and the shopping centre was originally launched as The Cloisters. Back then it had cinemas and a full suite of stores, including a very popular News Cafe that was the place to see and be seen in the 1990s. There are theories that it’s cursed – how else to explain the fact that it has never worked despite the presence of Pick n Pay and, more recently, Planet Fitness? Continue reading