Please not the edibility: Engrish in Sandton


Sarah has been a fan of for years, so was thrilled to find this fine example of the art on packaging containing some kind of eraser. What the flashy bit does exactly isn’t clear – disappointingly, it has nothing to do with Men in Black.

Now this is not the kind of flash eraser one could trust the usage of

Discovered in A&A Home in Oriental City Rivonia.


The Hound has Found… Eau de Gangster


Does the man in your life want to smell like a gangster?

For just R12, he can.

Found (with a selection of other equally competitively priced offerings) at A&A Home in Oriental City Rivonia. It’s the first store on your left as you walk in from the parking garage.



Why Oriental City Rivonia?

Open 30 November

The Hound has known the shopping centre formerly known as Rivonia Square for years. The land was originally the site of a Carmelite nunnery and the shopping centre was originally launched as The Cloisters. Back then it had cinemas and a full suite of stores, including a very popular News Cafe that was the place to see and be seen in the 1990s. There are theories that it’s cursed – how else to explain the fact that it has never worked despite the presence of Pick n Pay and, more recently, Planet Fitness? Continue reading

The Hound Has Found… Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo

This stall holder told the Hound that Lucky Bamboo is a traditional Chinese gift to bring good fortune to a business. You can find a range of sizes and price points (from R20) at this stall in Gifts World at Oriental City Rivonia. Interestingly enough, Lucky Bamboo isn’t bamboo at all, and it isn’t Chinese either. It’s a member of the Dracaena genus and native to West Africa.

After the tough year that 2012 has been for many, a gift of Lucky Bamboo will send the right message. All you need to do is keep it watered, and it will stay green all year round.

Hound found

Cat lovers, you have to get to this store. Stat.

Hikosen slippers

Hikosen Cara isn’t a brand the Shopper Hound had ever heard of until we wandered into the store in Oriental City Rivonia. The best way to describe it? Probably “classy Hello Kitty”. If you’re anything like us, you’ll squeal with delight the moment you discover the children’s backpacks, slippers, purses and blankets when you walk in.

How can you not want this backpack? Continue reading

A handbag made with… stingray leather?

Stingray skin handbag

The Shopper Hound spotted this unusual handbag at a stall in Oriental City Rivonia. While the Senegalese traders who run the place offer handbags and wallets made from snakeskin, ostrich and crocodile, this was the first time we’d seen stingray leather. The texture is fine-grained and knobby, almost like couscous. Historically, stingray leather was known as shagreen, and featured in a novel by the great French writer Balzac, which was one of Sarah’s set works at university. So if you buy a product made with shagreen, you’ll have a story to tell about it.

Price: around R1500.